98FM Launches 98FM Throwback: Non-Stop 90s And 00s

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98FM has extended its brand portfolio to launch a new digital music stream offering listeners the best of 90s and 00s music. 98FM Throwback brings listeners their fix of 90s and 00s 24/7 via the 98FM app and online at 98FM.com.

98FM Throwback is your new destination for non-stop nineties and noughties music where you can enjoy the biggest tracks from these decades that you thought you’d never hear again. 98FM Throwback takes you back to the old skool twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The launch of 98FM Throwback is supported by a full digital and social media campaign as well as on air promotional spots on 98FM.

To listen to 98FM Throwback, simply download the 98FM app on iOS or Android or listen live at 98FM.com.